Apr 16

Putah Creek Cafe – Winters

1 Main St

Winters, CA 95694

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located in the heart of historic Winters, Putah Creek Café serves up a variety of American fare with a small town feeling. The restaurant was very busy when we arrived and was even busier with a wait when we left. There was ample street parking in the area near the park. We were seated quickly, and a server took our drink order while we decided on what to order.

Today, we ordered the Davis Farmer’s Sandwich and Em’s Chicken Fried Steak. The Davis Farmer’s Sandwich had delicious tasting smoked tri-tip that went well with the au jus. Instead of coleslaw, I opted for French fries, which tasted fresh and delicious. I wish the size of the sandwich was bigger with more meat for the price paid. Em’s Chicken Fried Steak had a nice tasting country gravy on top with very flavorful potatoes. The eggs tasted good, but the actual steak only tasted OK. The meat was fresh, but the breading was kind of hard. The biscuit tasted great with the gravy and was nice and fluffy inside.

Overall, Putah Creek Café serves up delicious tasting American food, but the prices seem a bit high for what you get. I do not think the food is really worth the drive out to Winters. I have heard good things about their pies though. Given another opportunity to visit Winters, I would probably not come to Putah Creek Café for a meal, but maybe dessert.

Apr 09

Pho Bac Hoa Viet

1827 Broadway

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located right on Broadway near the Light Rail station, Hoa Viet serves up classic Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. There is plenty of seating at this location and food generally arrives quickly. Waitresses tend to come check if you are ready to order without much time after receiving your menu. Even with a large party, we were seating quickly and was able to put in our order quickly.

Today, I ordered the extra-large beef noodle soup with rare steak. and no onion. The broth did not have as much flavor as Pho Saigon on Stockton Blvd, but the meat did taste fresh. I ended up putting a good amount of hoisin sauce to give the soup more body. Also, the size of the extra-large bowl seems to match the size of the large bowl at Pho Saigon.

Overall, Hoa Viet will satisfy your Pho cravings, but the flavors may not be the best. Even the rest of the party felt that the food could have tasted better. If you want better tasting Vietnamese dishes, you are better off heading to Pho Saigon on Stockton Blvd and Fruitridge Rd. Prices of the dishes also seem high compared to other Vietnamese restaurants. Hoa Viet is more convenient with their multiple locations though.

Apr 02

Asian Cafe

2827 Norwood Ave

Sacramento, CA 95815

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located in a more sketchy part of North Sacramento, Asian Café serves up a variety of Laotian and Thai dishes. Seating and décor are bland, but people come here for the food. Upon entering, you actually head up to the counter to order your meal and then take a seat of your choice. Food and drinks will be brought out to your table when they are ready.

Today, we ordered the stuffed chicken wings, egg rolls, Thai fried rice with beef, Thai iced tea, and the Kao Poon noodle soup. The stuffed chicken wings were crispy and went well with the provided sauce. The chicken itself was a bit dry though. The egg rolls were pretty bland, but tasted OK with the sauce. The rolls were only vegetable based. The Thai fried rice tasted fresh, but did not have as much flavor as Siam Restaurant. The Thai iced tea tasted good and looked appealing when it arrived. I did not taste the Kao Poon noodle, but it looked fresh with white meat chicken and was said to taste good.

Overall, Asian Café provides a different Asian fare in North Sacramento. If you are craving some Laotian/Thai food and you are up north, then Asian Café may satisfy your cravings until you have a chance to go down to South Sacramento.

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