May 27

House Kitchen & Bar

555 Capitol Mall

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

On this trip to House, the staff had a table ready for our group based on our reservation. Service was great from start to finish, with the provided waters and carafes continuously refilled by the servers. The restaurant was fairly busy due to the lunch rush and the fact that it was payday. After reviewing the menu, I found that the prices were acceptable due to the ambiance and the type of customers the restaurant tends to serve.

Today, I decided to order the prime rib french dip with no onions. The sandwich is served with endless fries. The sandwich was presented well, sliced diagonally through the longer side, which showcased the fresh prime rib and oozing cheese. Once dipped into the provided au jus, the sandwich tastes even more flavorful with the aromas of the beef and seasonings. However, the au jus was a bit on the salty side, causing me to not be able to dip as much of the sandwich into it. Even without the au jus, the meat tasted flavorful and tender. The fries tasted fresh and had a cajun seasoning on them. Eventually, the fries also tasted a bit salty. As you finish your fries, you just need to flag down a server to put an order in for more fries.

Overall, the food tasted delicious except for the overly-salty au jus and some of the fries. I really enjoyed the flavor of the sandwich as well as the ambiance. However, not everyone’s food arrived on time, with 2 people without food for quite a long time. The restaurant did redeem themselves by having the owner/chef come out in person to apologize for the long wait as well as comp us on 3 dishes. I really liked that attitude and his desire to keep his customers loyal. Given the chance to eat here again, I would probably take that opportunity.

May 24

Lincoln Plaza Cafe – Part 2

Lincoln Plaza North Building
400 P Street  Suite 1204
Sacramento  CA  95814

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

On this trip to CalPERS, I decided to try out their famed Biscuits and Gravy that they serve up for breakfast every Thursday morning. The staff behind the counter were nice and smiled while preparing my globs of heart attack. I also noticed that there was a nice new batch of biscuits that were just dumped into the prep tray. I ordered the combo which also included eggs and sausage. The eggs were sub-par since the texture and color suggested they came out of a carton. The sausage tasted standard, but were a bit on the dry side. As for the biscuits, they went perfectly with the light country gravy. I was expecting the gravy to have more body and flavor, but they gravy still went well with the biscuits. Overall, the meal came in at a great value, but the quality of the eggs and lack of flavor in the gravy did hinder the rating. However, I would definitely eat this again due to the freshness and price point of the meal, except I would probably skip the eggs.

May 20

Macau Cafe

4406 Del Rio Road

Sacramento, CA 95822

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Having passed by this restaurant multiple times, we finally decided to give Macau Cafe a try. Upon entering the restaurant on Monday evening, we noticed that most of the tables were taken and the staff seemed a bit frazzled. Eventually, we were seated in the rear corner of the restaurant near the restroom door. After sitting at the table for over 15 minutes after already reviewing the menu, a server finally came by to provide tea and take our order.

Today, we decided to order the chicken BBQ pork with vegetables rice plate, scrambled egg and beef rice place, and smooth egg and shrimp chow fun. After around 30 more minutes, food started coming in. The chicken was extremely bony and did not have much meat at all. The BBQ pork was on the fatty side and was overly sweet. The pictures of the side of vegetables on the menu showed bright green Chinese broccoli, but we were served cabbage. The scrambled egg with beef tasted fresh and tasted quite savory, which went very well with the rice. However, the smooth egg and shrimp chow fun came over rice instead. Since we were so hungry, we just at it as is. The shrimp was of decent size and the egg was smooth and went well with the rice. During the meal, servers were slow to refill our tea.

Overall, Macau Cafe failed to meet my expectations in terms of service and food. The wait times were unbearable and the food quality and taste is just mediocre. Macau Cafe posts some really good deals for happy hour, but even those great prices do not draw me back to experience the lack of service again. If you are looking for Chinese food with acceptable service, look elsewhere.

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