Feb 25

Jin Men

3212 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

In search for more Korean-infused Chinese food, we ended up finding Jin Men on Fulton Avenue. The restaurant was completely empty upon arrival. A friendly server quickly approached us and seated us in the empty restaurant. He quickly provided water and offered to help with the menu. After reviewing the menu, we decided to order.

Today, we decided to order the jajangmyun and the shrimp in chili sauce. After the server took the menus, he provided few side dishes which included kim chee and raw onions with black bean sauce. Eventually, the meal arrived. The jajangmyun had way too much onion in the dish. You can clearly see that almost an entire onion was evident in the dish. With so much onion, the flavor was overpowered and little meat remained. The shrimp in chili sauce was very interesting because it comes in a large shell that you need to crack with the provided mallet. Inside, you will find decent-sized shrimp covered in delicious chili sauce. I found myself eating the entire shell at the end. The shrimp and sauce went very well over rice.

Overall, Jin Men serves up a variety of interesting dishes crafted in interesting ways. Although the jajangmyun was disappointing, the shrimp in chili sauce was delicious and interesting with its large shell. Prices were a bit high, but service was excellent. If you are looking for something different other than jajangmyun, then Jin Men might be a good change of pace.

Feb 24

1¢ Staples 500 Sheet Paper Reams

Staples usually has their 500 sheet Multipurpose paper on sale for 1 cent after easy rebate. The paper is 20lb and 96 brightness.In order to score this deal, you would need to sign up for their Daily Deals email on the bottom left corner of their website at http://www.staples.com/ under “Deals! Get them Now”.

Staples does send their junk mail almost daily, but the sales usually don’t change from Sunday through Saturday. At the bottom left of the email, there will be a link to “Get your coupons”. You should check this email every week to see if there a penny paper deal. The deal is limit one pack of paper per week. If Staples offers the paper offer again next week, it will be a part of a different rebate offer, allowing you to buy a pack of paper again.

Make sure you print the coupon before going to the store. The paper is usually on a pallet or with the rest of the paper products. When you present your paper to the cashier, provide the coupon to them along with your Staples rewards card to earn points. Be aware that the 1 cent paper offer is not valid with other coupons, but you can use coupons for other products in your purchase. You will end up needing to pay between $3-6 depending on the rebate offer of the week. For example, if the rebate is for $2.80, you would pay $2.81, but if the rebate is for $5.49, you would pay $5.50.

Once you are home with your paper, you will need to submit your rebate.

Go to https://www.stapleseasyrebates.com/

Click the “In a Store” option

For the easy rebate ID, type in the long number at the bottom of any receipt below the bar code.


You may see a message saying “Your eligible rebates are still being determined”, just click next.

Fill in all of your information. If you had completed an Easy Rebate before, you can sign in to pull your information. You can also save your information by entering a password.

On the next page, you will confirm your information, and submit.

Give Staples 4-8 weeks to send you a check. I have gotten 2-4 checks at a time every few weeks due to my paper purchases. You do not need to mail anything in. After you get your checks, just endorse them and deposit them with your bank.

Enjoy your (almost free) paper!


Feb 23

Savings and Deals

Every now and then, I run into amazing deals that I just want to share with everyone. I do not plan on posting about specific products unless the deal can be purchased again and again. You may see these posts every now and then, but you can always click on the Savings and Deals category on the right navigation. These posts will not appear on Wednesdays since that is when the food reviews will be posted.

Stay tuned!


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