Dec 17

Taylors – Loomis

3636 Taylor Rd

Loomis, CA 95650

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

We decided to head up to Loomis to visit the very popular Taylors. This burger shack was very busy with the line going out the door. As you enter, you will find limited seating inside and outside. On the wall, you will find hundreds of milkshake flavors in addition to special flavors listed on the side. The staff was nice when you finally got to them, and ordering time was acceptable.

Today, we decided to order the double cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, garlic fries, Oreo banana shake, and tiramisu shake. The shakes were ready before the burgers. Both shakes were quite thick and hard to drink. You can definitely taste the banana flavor in the Oreo shake mixed in with the bits of cookie crumble. The tiramisu shake was not as flavorful, but you can make out the classic tiramisu flavor through the vanilla flavor. We were not really able to drink either shake until they melted a bit. The double cheeseburger tasted pretty good with two fresh beef patties. Other than the beef, the burger was pretty standard without anything special about it. The bacon cheeseburger was pretty similar, and the bacon was crispy. The garlic fries were a bit disappointing because there was not a lot of garlic and were quite greasy. You can taste the garlic, but it was pretty subtle.

Overall, Taylors seems to be a great place to try out a ton of milkshake flavors, but may not be the best place for the food items. If you are in the area, you should come try out the shakes, but just don’t expect to be able to drink them for a while. Prices were reasonable to reasonably high due to the location. Since Loomis seems so far out of the way, I don’t think I will come back anytime soon.

Dec 10

Ju Hachi – Part 2

1730 S St

Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

With Groupon in hand, we decided to try out the sushi rolls at Ju Hachi. We were seated pretty quickly, but the rest of the service was not so smooth. The server took a while to bring the menus and water. Then, after reviewing the short menu, we had to wait a significant amount of time to just place the order. To top it off, it took even more time to get our order. We ordered 3 sushi rolls. It should not take 40 minutes to get our food when the restaurant was not even busy.

Today, we decided to order the Madona Roll, Sunrise Roll, and Tempura Roll. The size of the rolls were decent and plated well. Unfortunately, the rolls did not hold up well when picked up by chopsticks and started to break apart. All of the rolls tasted fresh in all aspects, but there was not a flavor. The rolls were bland and only tasted good when dipped into the wasabi soy sauce. The rolls tasted much better at Arigato and would be quite cheaper there too. Of the three rolls, the tempura toll tasted the best, but there was not that much of a flavor difference between the rolls.

Overall, given the opportunity to come back, I probably wouldn’t. The food here is expensive. With the horrid service and less than appealing prices and taste, there is little to like about this visit to Ju Hachi. If you want good tasting sushi at more appealing prices and better service, just head to Arigatos.

Dec 03

Spice Kitchen

1724 Broadway Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

With Groupon in hand, we decided to try out Spice Kitchen on Broadway. Considering there were not many customers, we received very good service. There is some parking in front of the restaurant and much more parking on the side of the restaurant.

Today, we decided to order the stuffed jalapenos, red tonkotsu ramen, and the 2-item bento box consisting of salmon teriyaki and mixed tempura. I liked how the stuffed jalapenos had a lot of tuna inside, and it tasted quite different than crab-stuffed jalapenos. They went well with the provided unagi sauce. The red tonkatsu ramen’s broth tasted ok, but there was not enough flavor and was not spicy enough. The ramen noodles itself tasted good and the meat was tender. The meal also came with Miso soup, but it was extremely sour and undesirable. The provided salad was good and fresh, but just came with standard ranch dressing. The salmon teriyaki was delicious and had a nice grilled taste. The tempura was crispy with an acceptable amount of batter, but was quite oily.

Overall, Spice Kitchen serves up a variety of dishes that come in decent quantities. Unfortunately, due to the inconsistencies in the meal, I would not say that Spice Kitchen is very good. Some high points included the salmon teriyaki and stuffed jalapenos, but overall, the meal was not worth the price without the Groupon. If you are looking for ramen, you are better off going to a ramen house. If Spice Kitchen offers another Groupon, it might be worth it if you just wanted to try something new, but don’t be too surprised if you are not satisfied.

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