Feb 20

Shabuya – La Mirada, CA

15028 Rosecrans Ave

La Mirada, CA 90638

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Located not too far from Anaheim, Shabuya serves up all-you-can-eat Japanese hot pot at great prices. On this late visit, we qualified for their $21.99 happy hour special. We had a full dinner menu available with 9 types of meat as well has a cool bar stocked with more seafood, noodles, and veggies. They offered various types of soup base, but we opted for the pork broth and miso broth. Shabuya is great because each person gets their own soup instead of having a communal soup pot. The pork broth did taste more heartier than the miso, but both were tasty. Also at the bar, a large sauce station lines both ends with various condiments. Service was on point from being seated to the constant requests for refills. Each refill was quickly executed and continued throughout the meal. Having tried most of the meat items, we decided that the tastiest pieces of meat were beef cuts of Wagyu chuck and Shabuya rib eye. Each piece cooked very quickly in the hot broth and tasted delicious when based in the spicy ponzu sauce. After many orders of meat, cooking ramen in the soup soaked in all the meaty flavors of the beef. Overall, Shabuya serves up delicious Japanese hot pot at excellent prices, especially during happy hour. If you are in the mood for hot pot and you are in Southern California, you must give one of Shabuya’s locations a try.

Feb 17

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen – Anaheim, CA

1590 Disneyland Dr

Anaheim, CA 92802

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located at Downtown Disney, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen serves up traditional New Orleans’s style cuisine to visitors of the resort. We waked up to the hostess stand and requested an inside table for two without a reservation, and we were seated within 5 minutes. We were provided with menus, and a server came by to take our drink order and explained their specials for the day. After reviewing the menu, we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to order the NOLA spritzer, Louisiana crab cake, fried chicken and grits, and the pasta jambalaya. The NOLA spritzer tasted refreshing and fruity, but unfortunately refills were not complimentary. The Louisiana crab cake tasted fresh and contained many visible pieces of crab. The outside of the crab cake was nice and crispy and went well with the bed of corn and jam. The fried chicken and grits tasted healthy and were cooked to perfection retaining its juiciness while having the crispiness on the outside. The pasta jambalaya came with plenty of shrimp and chicken, and you can definitely taste the Creole seasoning all over the delicious pasta.

Overall, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen serves up delicious New Orleans cuisine. Prices are reasonable, but portion sizes may seem a bit small, especially for the pasta. Service was on point for refills and check-ins. The annual pass discount did help bring down the total cost, which was very nice. If you are at Disneyland and want to have a great meal at a decent price, then Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen would be a great choice.

Feb 13

Sabrosada Fresh Mexican Food – Wesminster, CA

15681 Brookhurst St

Westminster, CA 92683

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Unfortunately, the Sabrosada location down the street from the hotel closed for the night in Anaheim, so we decided to go to their next best location in Westminster. Having never visited Sabrosada before, we were unsure of the portion sizes of the items. After reviewing the menu online, we headed to the drive thru and made our order.

Today, we decided to order the carne asada nachos, California burrito, carne asada taco, and carnitas taco. The carne asada nachos were delicious and came with plenty of beef and toppings. Each bite tasted fresh and delicious. The California burrito also came with a lot of beef, but did taste a bit bland. I found myself adding a lot of hot sauce to add flavor. Both tacos were huge, but very messy. I liked how both tacos came with guacamole, which explains the higher cost. The tacos also needed more flavor, so plenty of hot sauce was utilized. I was quite surprised with the amount of carnitas in the taco as I found myself eating the carnitas itself as it was quite juicy and tender.

Overall, Sabrosada serves up tasty Mexican food at a great value, but some of the flavors were a bit lacking. I would advise against the California burrito and opt for carne asada fries in its place. The drive thru location in Westminster was convenient, but the walk-in location in Anaheim would be a much closer location. If you are craving some Mexican food and cannot decide between large chain fast food and independent local restaurants, then Sabrosada would be a happy medium.

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