Oct 17

Joe’s Pizza – New York, NY

1435 Broadway

New York, NY 10018

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Located just south of the heart of times square, Joe’s Pizza serves up New York style pizza to the masses. When we visited this location, there was not a lot of different pizza varieties to choose from, so we opted for two slices of classic cheese pizza as it came fresh out of the oven. At $3 per slice, it is pricier than the $1 slice places you see around, but we were hoping for quality. You definitely receive quantity because the slices were almost as big as Costco slices. The crust was fairly thin and the slice was loaded with sauce and cheese. Unfortunately, the bottoms of both slices were fairly burnt, especially near the edges. The sauce did taste fresh and there was plenty of cheese, but the burnt taste just really gets to you. Unfortunately, the burnt crust prevents me from recommending this pizzeria even with its new convenient Times Square location.

Oct 10

Amorino – New York, NY

721 8th Ave

New York, NY 10036

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located near the Theater District of Manhattan, Amorino serves up delicious gelato in decadent form on a cone. With numerous flavors to choose from, you can make your gelato cone as delicious and as pretty as you would like because you can choose as many flavors as you want for your cone. On one visit, we decided to order a large macaron cone with hazelnut, caramel, tiramisu, vanilla, and chocolate along with a caramel gelato macaron. The gelato flower came out looking amazing with the macaron on top. Each bite of the gelato was creamy and delicious. My favorite flavor out of the entire cone was the hazelnut. The macaron was crafted well and the caramel was very evident. On our second visit, we decided to go the sorbet route and order a large cone with strawberry and banana sorbet. The banana tasted delicious and flavorful, but the strawberry tasted pretty standard. I would suggest staying with the gelato instead of sorbet for richer flavors.

Overall, Amorino serves up delicious gelato in a well crafted form of a rose at decent prices. I would strongly recommend those looking for a pretty and tasty dessert to visit for a decadent cone.

Oct 03

Ippudo – New York, NY

321 W 51st St

New York, NY 10019

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in midtown Manhattan, Ippudo Westside serves up delicious Japanese cuisine with a focus on ramen. Just blocks away from Times Square, this busy ramen spot in NYC offers up seating at the counter or at a table, so we opted for a table. Service was on point and consistent throughout this visit. After we were seated, our server offered to answer any questions and quickly retrieved our drink order. Once we received our waters, we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to order the pork Ippudo buns, shiromaru hakata classic ramen, and karaka-men. The two pork Ippudo buns arrived on a small clean plate. There was a large chunk of pork smothered in a special spicy sauce and mayo in the fluffy warm bun. The bun was delicious and savory throughout especially when the spicy sauce came into balance in each bite that included the mayo. The shiromaru hakata classic ramen was basically a fancy name for a classic tonkotsu ramen. The ramem arrived piping hot, but luckily we sat under an air conditioning vent that helped with cooling down the ramen. The broth was flavorful and rich, but I was not a fan of the pickled ginger so I picked it out. The pork was tender and savory. I liked how Ippudo uses thin ramen noodles, which is a nice change of pace. The karaka-men is basically the classic ramen with a scoop of hot spicy sauce plopped in the center. After mixing the hot spices, the broth carried a bit of heat, but was not overly spicy at all.

Overall, Ippudo serves up delicious ramen with superb service. Prices are a bit high for the amount of food received, but you receive value in the service and food quality. Servers consistently clear the table off of empty plates and bowls throughout the meal service. If you are in the Manhattan area, then you must give Ippudo a try.

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