Jan 19

The Buffet (Aria) – Las Vegas, NV

3730 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located inside Aria Resort & Casino, The Buffet serves up a variety of eats in a brightly-lit all-you-can-eat restaurant. There was no wait as we approached the counter for brunch (and soon to be dinner), and we were seated quickly in the half-full restaurant. Our server quickly brought our drinks and kept up for providing refills. The buffet area was very clean, but many of the items were missing signs, which left us guessing on what was being served. There were various breads, sides, carved meats, Mexican food, Indian food, pizza, small plates, cheese plates, breakfast items, pho noodles, Chinese food, dim sum, mussels, sushi, and crab legs. The highlight of the buffet would definitely be their carving station because of the sheer number of items available including sausages, pork belly, cowboy steak, ribs, and rotisserie chicken. The cowboy steak was actually quite tender and the grilled vegetables were delicious. The dim sum was quite plentiful, but was falling apart due to being steamed so long. The buffet actually has a Tandoori oven, so we got to enjoy fresh naan and Tandoori chicken, which was delicious and tender. The second most amazing part of the buffet was the ice cream wheel. There were so many flavors of ice cream and gelato available turning around a contraption for the server. The flavors were delicious and decadent. The other desserts also looked very appealing. The pasta bar came later on as dinner started, and it was very rich with cheese and olive oil. Salmon also made an appearance near the seafood area and tasted delicious. Overall, food quality was pretty good at this buffet, and items stayed stocked up. The sushi area looked horrible and was not appealing at all. The ice cream station and carving stations are reasons alone to visit this buffet. If you have a chance to come to Vegas, give Aria a try (after trying the #1 buffet in Vegas: Bacchanal at Caesars)!

Jan 16

White Castle – Las Vegas, NV

3411 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Located at the Casino Royale Hotel & Casino, White Castle brought their east coast sliders to Las Vegas. We took the trek up to White Castle to give the place a try for an evening meal. We ended up ordering various items on the menu including cheese sliders, french fries, chicken rings, loaded cheese fries, fish sliders, and chicken sliders. The order did take some time to get ready, but we easily located seating in the area. When we laid out the food, we really realized how small the beef patties were with fairly large buns. You have to add condiments to the sliders as they come on the side. The onions did go well with the cheese sliders, but the thin meat was very disappointing. The fries tasted OK, but they did not taste fresh. The chicken rings were surprisingly good and fresh, but they were nothing special. The loaded cheese fries tasted OK and reminded me of the loaded cheese fries from Denny’s. The fish sliders were quite oily, but went OK with tartar sauce. The chicken sliders were actually quite tender, but didn’t have any flavor. Overall, the meal was quite underwhelming for fast food standards. If you were looking for a quick bite, you are better off going to McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., or Taco Bell. Better yet, go to Shake Shack. You can try White Castle for the hype, but don’t keep your hopes up.

Jan 12

The Buffet (Bellagio)- Las Vegas, NV

3600 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, The Buffet serves up a multitude of culinary creations in an all-you-can-eat fashion. As we entered the restaurant for dinner, there was no wait to get seated, but the restaurant had quite a few patrons inside. We were seated off to the side near a beverage area consisting of two Coca Cola Freestyle machines as well as juice, and milk. Various stations lined the buffet line with items such as salad, quail, prime rib, brisket, rotisserie chicken, pizza, king crab legs, pastas, soups, Chinese food, oysters, salmon, fruit, sushi, desserts, and caviar. Everything seemed quite fresh, and food was refilled when low. The prime rib was quite tough, but it still went well with the au jus. The brisket was very tender and melted in your mouth. The paella was very tasty and went well with the rockfish. The mac and cheese was delicious, but the prime rib fried rice was very dry and unappealing. There was a nice variety of desserts and soft serve available, and the highlights were the doughnuts and meringues, but eating soft serve was a bit disappointing after the enjoyable meal. Service was consistent at cleaning up our table, but it was also a bit annoying because we sat right next to the door to the back areas. Overall, food variety and quality was pretty good at the Bellagio buffet, but there were definitely shortcomings in terms of ice cream and Chinese food. If you can get a good deal, coupon, or comp, then the Bellagio buffet would be a nice option. You should also make sure to make use of the Coca Cola Freestyle machines since they are so fun to use. Unfortunately, I cannot see myself paying full price for this buffet.

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