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Paik’s Noodle – Buena Park, CA

5151 Beach Blvd Buena Park, CA 90621 Located in a busy Buena Park Korean shopping center, Paik’s Noodle serves up Chinese-inspired Korean cuisine. When we entered the restaurant, there were some tables available, but the place was fairly busy. We quickly reviewed the menu board, and we were ready to order. Today, we decided to …

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9th Snow and Snack

8144 Delta Shores Cir S Ste 110 Sacramento, CA 95832 Located in the Delta Shores shopping center, 9th Snow and Snack serves up Taiwanese hot pot with an array of drinks and sides. When we entered the fairly busy restaurant, we were quickly seated and provided with menus. It did take a while for a …

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Big Bowl – Denver, CO

8500 Peña Blvd Denver International Airport, Concourse C Denver, CO 80249 Located on one end of a very busy concourse C at Denver International Airport, Big Bowl serves up a variety of Chinese food and sushi. Since it was still early, they were still serving breakfast. After quickly reviewing the menu, I was ready to …

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