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9170 Elk Grove Florin Rd Elk Grove, CA 95624 Tucked away at the corner of Bond Road and Elk Grove Florin, Snobites serves up various deserts including shaved ice, block toast, and boba drinks. Signs outside proudly show that they use local Gunther’s ice cream in their menu items. Upon entering the small eatery, we …

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2101 Natomas Crossing Dr Ste 150 Sacramento, CA 95834 When you think of Filipino bakeries, you need to think about Senorita bread. In addition to their location on Mack Road in South Sacramento, this location in Natomas serves up the famous Senorita bread in addition to a bunch of other Filipino baked goods. Upon entering, …

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Vampire Penguin

6821 Stockton Blvd Ste 110 Sacramento, CA 95828 Located among a bunch of Asian stores and restaurants, Vampire Penguin does not scream out shaved ice, but they do serve up the fluffy concoction. You won’t find sno cones here as Vampire Penguin takes blocks of flavored ice and puts them through a shaving machine that …

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