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Sacramento fast food

Pegasus Bakery & Cafe

6825 Stockton Blvd #265 Sacramento, CA 95823 Located in the same plaza as Asian Pearl Restaurant, Pegasus Bakery & Cafe serves up various self-serve bakery items along with crepes and cakes. Having been drawn in to the store after seeing the sign for hot egg tarts, we decided to take a look at what was …

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Gong Cha

6825 Stockton Blvd #230 Sacramento, CA 95823 In an effort to avoid the grand opening rush, we decided now to finally try Gong Cha located near Asian Pearl Restaurant near 65th Expressway and Stockton Boulevard. Like many other popular tea houses today, Gong Cha serves up various flavors of drinks with options for size, sweetness, …

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Pita Pit

1420 65th St Sacramento, CA 95819 Located in a busy shopping center off of 65th Expressway, Pita Pit serves up a large variety of pita bread options to the masses. As you enter the restaurant, you proceed to the register where you place your order and pay. The various pita options are listed on the …

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