May 14

Hankook Tofu House

9521 Folsom Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95827

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located off of Folsom Boulevard near Bradshaw Road, Hankook Tofu House serves up traditional Korean cuisine with a focus on tofu soup. Located within sight of another Korean restaurant that we frequent, MoDuRang, Hankook takes a different approach to Korean food by relying on their tofu soup and service. When we arrived, we were quickly seated by the hostess to an available table. After a quick review of the simple menu, we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to order the kimchi pancake, beef bulgogi, dol-sot bibimbab, and pork tofu soup. In accordance with traditional Korean meals, we were presented with an adequate array of banchan, or side dishes. Out of these side dishes, the Korean pancake and japchae noodles were the tastiest. The potatoes were more on the grainy side. The kimchi pancake had a great balance between flour and kimchi. Each piece was quite flavorful and held up very well. The beef bulgogi arrived on its sizzling platter with copious amounts of steam rising. The beef was very tender, and I liked how the onions were mixed in with the meat for extra flavor. The dish was saucier than at other restaurants, but was quite delicious. The dol-sot bibimbab also arrived in its sizzling stone pot filled with fresh tasty ingredients. Once mixed together, the entire dish tasted fantastic, but the eggs were a bit rubbery and overcooked. The pork tofu soup arrived piping hot at a perfect spice level and was tasty. There were ample amounts of pork in every bite.

Overall, Hankook Tofu House serves up delicious Korean dishes at very competitive prices. The restaurant reminds me of the formerly open 88 Tofu in South Sacramento, where we were a frequent customer before they closed down. We received good service that was better in the beginning, but  weaned off as we ended the meal. The restaurant was quite busy and seemed to be working on a catering order. Without a doubt, we will still return to this establishment, and we suggest you do so as well.

Mar 19

New Panda Restaurant – Long Beach, CA

711 E Anaheim St

Long Beach, CA 90813

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located on busy Anaheim Street in a strip mall in Long Beach, New Panda Restaurant serves up Chinese fast food to the masses. There were barely anyone inside prior to the lunch rush, so I found myself able to select from the many options. Today, I decided to order the two-item combo with fried rice, broccoli beef, and spicy orange chicken. The combo also came with the choice of an egg roll or soda, so I opted for the soda. The sheer quantity of food received for a very reasonable price was a great value. The broccoli was fresh, but the beef was fairly bland and tough. The spicy orange chicken had a mild spice and lots of savory flavors, but the breading was quite thick and hard. The fried rice tasted fresh and was simply seasoned. Overall, the meal tasted OK, but was not spectacular. Due to the price and proximity to the hotel, I would probably order from this restaurant again in the future if I stayed at that hotel again. Although I would not go out-of-the-way to visit the restaurant, if you are in the area, you cannot get a better value.

Mar 12

Iron Horse Tavern – SMF

6900 Airport Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95837

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Since I have never tried the location in downtown, I decided to take the opportunity to try out Iron Horse Tavern at the airport. I was quickly seated near the window and provided with a menu. Since my flight was so early in the morning, only the breakfast menu was available. After a quick review of the menu, I was ready to order.

Today, I ordered two eggs over hard with breakfast potatoes, toast, and bacon. The eggs were cooked just right, but the bacon tasted more crunchy instead of crispy. The potatoes were OK with the ketchup, but it was nothing special. The standard toast went well with the grape jelly too.

Overall, breakfast at Iron Horse Tavern was nothing special. The food was a bit overpriced, but is in line with airport food. Given another opportunity, I may give Iron Horse Tavern a try again for their regular menu, but I would probably go somewhere else for breakfast.

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